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Jailbreak Cambridge Audio
  • Jailbreak Cambridge Audio

Jailbreak Cambridge Audio


Cambridge Audio CXUHD JAILBREAK ... Unlock the full potential of your UHD player Cambridge Audio CXUHD / CXUHDCU

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Add all the possible features to the BEST All in One

Now you can read:

  • eliminate CNV protection
  • DVD / BD reading of other regions / areas, with the change of region
  • SACD-R
  • DVD-Audio ISO
  • BD ISO

and more

We provide everything you need to "unlock" your Cambridge Audio CXUHD / CXUHDCU unit:

Now simpler, easier and hassle-free. No programmer or cables are necessary

Everything he reads on USB reads it through RED Ethernet

Valid for Cambridge Audio CXUHD / CXUHDCU

Available for all countries,
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Firmware Jailbreak CXUHD 66-0614 (Cambridge Audio)

Added the ability to change the BD zone
BD Zone "A" set the disc menu language to "English" (Settings-Playback Settings-Language-Disc Menu Language-English).
BD Zone "B" set the disc menu language to "French" (Settings-Playback Settings-Language-Disc Menu Language-French).
BD Zone "C" Set the disc menu language to "Chinese" (Settings-Playback Settings-Language-Disc Menu Language-Chinese).
After changing the BD zone, the DVD region is set to "0" (Free)
BD zone selection is saved if you set the disc menu language to a different value than the previous three
Added work with SACD-R discs.
Added work with BD folders.
Added work with DVD folders.
DVD-Video and DVD-Audio folders are supported.
Work was added with BD images.
Added work with DVD images.
DVD-Video and DVD-Audio images are supported.
Added work with SACD images.
Images compatible with sectors of 2048 bytes and images with sectors of 2064 bytes.
Size of supported images > 4G
A disc in the player unit is not necessary to support image playback.
Can play SACD images from BD discs
All the advanced functions of discs, images and folders described above must be compatible when working from Mediacontrol.
The reaction to CNV was eliminated.
Reaction disabled to DVD UOP.



Instrucciones MAC

OPPO UDP/Cambridge Audio

Download (554)

Manual OPPO

Manual Jailbreak OPPO UDP-203/205

Download (753.6k)